Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm watching men's beach volleyball right now. Gibb/Rosenthal from the USA against Asahi/Shiratori from Japan.

All I can say is…so many beautiful, talented men in one place. Be still my beating heart.

Friday, August 1, 2008

On Writing

I found this entry that I wrote on one of my now defunct blogs over 4 years ago and decided to repost it here.

A Box Full of Memories

I found myself walking down memory lane yesterday thanks to a big Rubbermaid container filled with notebooks of things I'd written in the past. About 21 years ago, I started writing stories that coincided with the role-playing game I was running each weekend. I guess I thought that I'd sit down one day and turn it all into another Dragonlance series. (Weiss and Hickman) Below is a brief example of something I wrote up at that time. It's a rough draft and the writing is quite laughable. I hope I've improved with age. :)


"Are you intending to sleep the entire day away while I STARVE?!!?!!" came a high pitched, glass shattering voice.

The six adventurers jumped from their beds, weapons readied in their hands. They paused upon seeing the foot and a half long faerie dragon sitting on top of a small table in the corner of the room.

"Why you horrid, little beast," Aslova shouted as she stared at the creature threateningly. "I should run my dagger through your tiny gut then use your bones for dragon soup!"

Suddenly, the small dragon vanished from sight.

"Get back here you..."

"Calm yourself, Aslova," Erlic said, cutting off her words. He tried to stop a grin from spreading across his mouth. The rest of the companions sat back down on their beds, composing themselves after such a rude awakening.

"You know how Darliska gets when she's hungry," Erlic continued. "I'm sure she's sorry for frightening us like that." His eyes panned the room. "AREN'T you, Darliska?"

"Yes," came the screeching answer from the opposite end of the room, "but I'm still HUNGRY!"

Aslova turned and threw her dagger in the direction of the voice. The weapon stuck into the wall near the door. "Show yourself you miserable piece of cow's dung!"

Erlic placed a restraining hand on the arm of the beautiful thief. "You've succeeded in getting Aslova upset, Darliska. But if you apologize for your behavior and promise to be good for a few minutes, I'll give you the nice, juicy apple that's in my backpack."

The faerie dragon materialized on top of Erlic's pack. "Okay, I apologize. But, I don't think you should let that crazy woman get away with calling me names and threatening to use me for soup. She probably can't cook anyway!"

Erlic had to use all his strength to keep Aslova from attacking the little dragon.

"Let go of me," she screamed. "I promise I won't kill it. I just want to hurt it a little."

"I've got a better idea," Erlic said as he led the woman to the door. "Why don't you go downstairs and order us all some breakfast? You look as though you could use a nice cup of tea. I'll take care of Darliska then we'll come down to join you."

"Fine!" the female thief snapped. "I think I've had just about enough of you and your terrible, little pet." With that she stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

"A few minutes are up," screeched the dragon. "Now, where's my apple?"

The remaining companions looked toward the creature and shook their heads. Lana was suddenly struck by the absurdity of the situation and began to giggle. Everyone else soon joined in, the room exploding with laughter.

The end

One of these days I need to sit down and start writing again. But it's going to be difficult to get back into the swing of things since I recently ended a 9 year stint of collaborating with other amateur fantasy writers, creating wonderful stories on a play by post forum. Hmm, maybe I should start by going through all my old writings and seeing if anything is worth revamping. Ahh, yet another project to tackle during those long, cold winter months when I'm cooped up inside.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wii, Webpage update

I spent a couple of hours this morning updating my webpage. Added some links to other sites I frequent. I had to use Firefox again because IE keeps needing to shut down because of run time errors. What's up with that?? I've used IE for 10 years and like it a lot. Firefox is great too. I'm just not used to it yet. Having both browsers open is kind of cool.

On the healthier eating/exercising front: I started keeping track of what I eat and realize I'm sticking to around 1500 calories a day. I've lost 14 pounds so far. I attribute that to moving around more while cutting out all the junk food. For example, this week I managed a 45 minute walk every morning, and a 30 minute workout on Wii Fit in the afternoon.

A couple of nights this week the hubby and I were on our feet playing other games on the Wii too. We rented Wii Ski from Blockbuster and love it. What a blast. You get to ski, AND bump into things, (ouch lol). Your can import your Mii, have them talk to people on the slopes, and get clues to find missing skiers and such. I enjoy games like this because they give your body a workout instead of only your thumbs.

Some heavy storms just ended here. Guess I'll go outside with the dogs for a while before it starts pouring again. Then I have to figure out what to make for dinner. "Burn Notice" is on tonight. Yay! I'm such an action junkie. :p

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Way too hot


It's TOO hot to do anything today. So I think I'll make some lemonade to sip while I laze around on my deck with the dogs underfoot. Today might be a good time to start making my way through all the "to read" books piled up on my desk. Up next is: Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. I've heard a lot about Anita Blake, her vampire hunter and think it's time I find out what all the hubbub is about.

Does anyone watch "Wipeout," or "I Survived a Japanese Game?" Both are on tonight and both are hysterical.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The final 10 episodes of, Avatar: The Last Airbender air this week on Nickelodeon. Check your local listings for the time. Last night's episode was great. But then again, the entire Avatar series has been great so far. I can't wait to see the remaining episodes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Old characters never die

I haven't played tabletop dungeons and dragons or done any play by posts in quite some time, but the characters involved in those endeavors remain alive. We simply use them in other ways, like as avatars for the Wii game system for example. :D

Below are my characters of Azzy and Marz. They are followed by my husband's characters of Erlic and Corum. I guess this proves that certain characters we breathed live into will remain in our minds and hearts forever.



Friday, June 27, 2008

New camera

I now have a new Sony Cybershot W-120 camera that I intend to carry with me at all times. (it's small enough to stuff in my purse) Maybe I'll start posting more pictures. Whoot! Bet y'all can't wait. LOL

Anyhoo, I think I'll start off with a shot of the path through my neighborhood that I walk down every morning when weather permits. I usually meet my friend, Rosa at the local restaurant. It's only a 13 minute walk from my house but I don't take a direct path. Instead I walk down this block and that block until I've pounded the pavement for about 30 minutes. The coffee and oatmeal taste extra special after that nice, long walk. :D

Oh, I thought I'd mention that I downloaded Firefox and have been trying it for the last 2 days because I'm tired of IE having to shut down on me because of some stupid run time errors. So far I'm liking Firefox very much. *nods*