Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Update

My daughter's backyard party turned out to be very enjoyable. Well, there was one scary part when dark clouds rolled in quickly and everyone rushed inside to hide out in the basement until the tornado warnings passed. Luckily, nothing bad happened and the down pouring of pain only lasted 10 minutes at most. It continued to drizzle off and on for the rest of the afternoon and the temp dipped to the low 60s so the new swimming pool didn't get much use. It's hell to plan anything outside around here since you never know what Mother Nature might toss you.

Yesterday we chilled out at home. The hubby grilled brats to go along with the store bought potato salad I picked up earlier in the day. Then we'll pigged out on chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. Yummy.

Next weekend we celebrate my grandson's graduation from kindergarten. Wow, time really does fly.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

FMA artwork

I'm never very happy with the things I draw, but here's a drawing I did that I'm somewhat satisfied with. It's Ed from Full Metal Alchemist. I colored it using paint shop pro.

Now I'm off to get ready to head out to my daughter's backyard barbeque party.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

What can I say? The movie rocked with plenty of action and humor. And once again Johnny Depp ruled as Captain Jack Sparrow. The appearance of Keith Richards was very brief but worthwhile. Although the movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes long, the time flew. I was a bit surprised by how things turned out in the end but won't talk about that since I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet.

If you want to see a very short add on to the story (about 2-3 minutes long), make sure you sit through all the ending credits. :D

Thursday, May 24, 2007


In winter I complain about the cold weather. Now I'm going to complain about how damned hot it's been here. I really don't mind the heat, but the humidity gets to me. Walking this morning felt like I was doing it with 20 pound weights on each leg. The temperature is supposed to get close to 90 today so I don't think I'll talk my usual long afternoon stroll. It's hard to believe it's only May. We don't normally reach the 90s until July and August.

Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time setting up another message board. I finally found a forum hosting site that I like...so far anyway. I like places that provide you with the complete css file to tweak to your liking. I'm not great with css but I dig messing around with it. I'll keep playing with this new forum to see if it continues to impress me or if it turns out to be buggy. It's nice to have such a place ready in case I get the sudden urge to start writing again. But for now I'm still content to enjoy the summer without having to think too hard about anything.

Hubby has a vacation day tomorrow. We don't have any plans so I'm thinking we'll go see an early showing of, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." Whoot! Can't wait to drool over Johnny Depp. :D

My older daughter is having a party on Saturday to show off her all the work that was done in her massive backyard, which now holds a brand new swimming pool. She and her girlfriend bought a beautiful home. It's in a suburb about an hour drive from the city. Her house is HUGE! The first time I saw it my jaw dropped because it was like a mini mansion. I wouldn't want such a big house unless I could afford someone to come in every week and clean it. lol

I thought it was time to add some family pictures, so here they are.

My shelties...Misty, (sable, 8 yrs old) and Onyx (black, 4 yrs old)

My cats...Sunthistle (Thistle for short -- Calico) and Sneak (both are 9 years old)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Yesterday, I chatted with my old writing partner *D* on Y-IM for close to 3 hours. We had a lot to catch up on since we haven't spoken for nearly 2 years. Real life problems eventually drew her away from my writing board and I guess I always kept missing her whenever she popped onto messenger.

Anyway, after *D* left the board, my desire to write began a downward spiral. Yes, there were other writers I continued to weave stories with but no one inspired me like *D* was capable of doing. Adding to the board's round robin style of writing actually became a real chore over time due to that lack of inspiration. I pressed on though since I NEEDED to write but my creative spark left with D. She was always in the back of my mind, and oh how I longed to recapture our days of fantastic storytelling. I'm proud to say that we make a kick ass writing team.

Now, once again, I'm thinking about starting a new message board with D as my partner in crime. :) Although I deleted the old board, my world maps and old character pages still exist so it won't be too hard to put things together again. I still want to take a little time off to rejuvenate my brain. After 2 years of sitting in front of the pc each night for 4-6 hours (and nearly all day on Sundays) doing nothing but rapid yaoi role-play posts, I need a break. For a while there the role-play started to feel like a job. Right after clearing up the dinner dishes, I'd leave my hubby sitting at the table and rush into my computer room because I didn't want to hold any of the other posters up by not being there to add my parts. Hubby would joke and say, "Time to go to work, huh?" I swear, that constant fast posting did me in and I still haven't recuperated. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy fast role-playing, but "occasionally" is the key word. What I really crave is the more thought provoking posts that entail a real story.

I finally got the courage to share something with *D* that I've been holding in for a lot of years and she didn't hate me because of it. I'm relieved. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She's the only one who knows this secret of mine. Now that all the cards are laid out on the table we can make a fresh start.

*D* called me her muse and that made me cry because it feels so damned good to know I inspire her as much as she inspires me. Creatively, I felt broken and lost for quite some time but now I'm starting to feel whole again. Thank you, D. from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Update

I managed to take the following picture of the moon nearly hugging Venus on Saturday night and lucked out because a few minutes later the clouds rolled in. Rain followed off and on throughout Sunday. We really needed rain.

I'm sitting here in disbelief over the fact that I've only managed to read 3 books this year so far. Sheesh, there was once a time I read 3 books a week! That was before the internet took over my life. lol It really is an addiction, but I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. I might work on a web page later to keep track of the books I read each year. Maybe that will be the incentive I need to dive into the pile of books sitting around here collecting dust.

Latest Netflix rental: "Running with Scissors." What a strange movie! But it left me with the notion to start writing a memoir of my life, especially the early years. No doubt it would be boring to the masses, but my kids or grandkids might get a kick out of reading it someday when I'm long gone. I often wish my parents or grandparents enjoyed writing and would've left some of their thoughts and hopes on paper for me to read but that wasn't the case. Writing about my past might even prove to be rather cathartic now that I think about it. Well, this is another project I must add to my "to do" list.

Tonight is the 2 hour season finale of "24." I'm really stoked about it! It wasn't the greatest season yet it wasn't bad enough to turn me off completely. All shows have their high points as well as their low points, and loyal fans stick around no matter what right?

I'm fairly caught up with Heroes now thanks to the marathon that aired on Sci Fi network this weekend. Hubby is going to try to record the season finale on our old VCR recorder since it airs against 24. Hope it works.

Urban Word of the Day: puzzle butt -- the crack in a monopoly board. "The dice landed right on the puzzle butt." Check out more interesting words at Urban Dictionary

First post

A new blog for me to play with. Whoot! Well, this is only a test post to see how all this is going to work. I'll get to the real blogging later, AFTER I mess around with things for a bit. Better put my thinking cap on.