Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Way too hot


It's TOO hot to do anything today. So I think I'll make some lemonade to sip while I laze around on my deck with the dogs underfoot. Today might be a good time to start making my way through all the "to read" books piled up on my desk. Up next is: Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. I've heard a lot about Anita Blake, her vampire hunter and think it's time I find out what all the hubbub is about.

Does anyone watch "Wipeout," or "I Survived a Japanese Game?" Both are on tonight and both are hysterical.


iGoddess said...


i have "guilty pleasures," but i couldn't get past the 1st book in that homer-esque epic series. i couldn't get past the writing, which was a bit amateurish.

then again, it gave me hope for my own writing.

i hear that hamilton's writing style improved with practice and age, and it really shows in her later books. which, i know, should be absolutely true. but dear gods in heaven, i just couldn't get past some of the writing.

perhaps it's a little hypocritical of me to be saying anything, tho. after all, who's published, me or her? lol

...maybe i'm just a picky and demanding reader.

Az said...

So far, I'm enjoying the book. At least it's holding my interest and that's a good thing because lately I've found myself close to dozing off while reading due to boredom with the story, characters, or whatever. I have the second book in her Blake series too. Not sure if I'll tackle that one next though. It might be better to mix things up instead. So many authors and so little time. *laughs*

iGoddess said...

oi vey, i know what you mean.

although right now i'm reading 5 different books, and not one of them is solely for pleasure. even the ONE fiction book i'm reading is because i was asked for a detailed critique. i mean, i'm completely happy to do it, but i'm trying to fit it in with a bunch of marketing/business/advertising courses reading. *cries* (btw, the fic. book's truman's!)

so many course texts, so little time. sigh.

Az said...

Aw, you need to get something in there to read for pleasure or you'll go mad, mad I say. :D That's so cool about Truman!!