Thursday, May 24, 2007


In winter I complain about the cold weather. Now I'm going to complain about how damned hot it's been here. I really don't mind the heat, but the humidity gets to me. Walking this morning felt like I was doing it with 20 pound weights on each leg. The temperature is supposed to get close to 90 today so I don't think I'll talk my usual long afternoon stroll. It's hard to believe it's only May. We don't normally reach the 90s until July and August.

Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time setting up another message board. I finally found a forum hosting site that I far anyway. I like places that provide you with the complete css file to tweak to your liking. I'm not great with css but I dig messing around with it. I'll keep playing with this new forum to see if it continues to impress me or if it turns out to be buggy. It's nice to have such a place ready in case I get the sudden urge to start writing again. But for now I'm still content to enjoy the summer without having to think too hard about anything.

Hubby has a vacation day tomorrow. We don't have any plans so I'm thinking we'll go see an early showing of, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." Whoot! Can't wait to drool over Johnny Depp. :D

My older daughter is having a party on Saturday to show off her all the work that was done in her massive backyard, which now holds a brand new swimming pool. She and her girlfriend bought a beautiful home. It's in a suburb about an hour drive from the city. Her house is HUGE! The first time I saw it my jaw dropped because it was like a mini mansion. I wouldn't want such a big house unless I could afford someone to come in every week and clean it. lol

I thought it was time to add some family pictures, so here they are.

My shelties...Misty, (sable, 8 yrs old) and Onyx (black, 4 yrs old)

My cats...Sunthistle (Thistle for short -- Calico) and Sneak (both are 9 years old)


iGoddess said...

WHAT PRETTY PUPPIES!!!!! i just want to pet them and love them and hug them and name them george! =)

and thistle...he's cutely pudgy. or it could just be the pose. they're all sleek while on all fours, but when they lie down and relax, it looks like they just ooze everywhere, huh? lol

they're all just so adorable!

Az said...

Yep, everyone but Sneak is a bit overweight. Sneak is the only male in the bunch and he, he KNOWS he's cool. His name fits him because he's not only sneaky but sleek as well. He prowls around the place and acts like a king. lol