Friday, November 9, 2007

Today's plans

I have quite a bit of free time today so I think I'll sit in front of the computer and take care of a few things. I really should update my webpage and maybe check out the library thing again, or continue to work on the webpage I started for the list of books I've read over the past many years. I should clean out my favorites too because lately I have a hard time finding things. With luck I might even be able to get a bit of drawing practice in.

Tonight: Another episode of Avatar (yah!) followed by Moonlight with that dreamy vampire. :D Lately we've been watching all the CSI shows. It's funny how we always seem to get into shows like this AFTER they've been on the air for years. lol

Well I better start working on something now before I end up wasting away the next couple of hours with lurking. Oops, there goes the buzzer on the dryer. Time to fold clothes.

Ciao for now.


iGoddess said...

lol i know what you mean. i'm having to struggle to keep up with avatar (season 3) via the web because i just can't sit down and watch it when it's on. same thing with heroes. *shrug* i'll buy the dvd box set. same thing with shark. dvd box set! lol

good thing CSI comes on Spike (channel 57 here) every weekday and sometimes has marathons on the weekend. otherwise...yup. you guessed it: dvd box set, lmao.

Az said...

Yep, we watch those marathons on Spike too! Way too cool. :)