Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekly update

Easter was nice, especially since I didn't have to cook or anything. :D My 84 year old mom-in-law (bless her heart) did the honors, and once again she overdid it with the food. Here is her menu for 8 adults and 3 kids. (ages: 2, 6, and 10)

Egg drop soup
Lasagna (Yum! My favorite. This with some bread is all I need.)
Pork Roast
Fried chicken
Brussels sprouts
Mashed potatoes
Sautéed mushrooms
Endless bread basket

I won't bother to go into all the things she set out for dessert. With so much food, it's hard to enjoy one thing because she looks disappointed if you don't sample a hearty portion of "everything." *belch* Naturally, I overate. I'll have to compensate by extending my daily workouts this week.

In other news: My hubby will finally have surgery to remove a tumor growing on a nerve in his leg on April 10th. He was supposed to have the surgery done on February 15 but it was cancelled the day before. Sheesh. The doctor said he's been doing this kind of surgery for 30 years. There is always a chance of nerve damage but he made it sound like the risk is minimal. Hope so.

Last week we took Thistle (my calico) in for tests since she started drinking a lot of water and urinating often. Well, she has diabetes. :( I still flinch when I have to inject her with the insulin. Supposedly this gets easier over time.

My computer has been giving me a whole lot of grief lately. Some days it stalls completely and doesn't start working properly again until after 3 reboots. I've done a number of virus scans, ran a registry clean program, defragmented my hard drive, etc, but nothing has helped. Now, my network doesn't work. I can't even ping my computer from my husband's computer. *sigh* Anyhoo, if I disappear for awhile it will probably be because my computer crashed completely.

Now, I'm off to get a workout in before I get too lazy.


iGoddess said...

lol stoopid computer! i know how that feels. you might just need a wipe and reinstall. *ahem* PAIN IN THE ARSE!

oi vey...

as for thistle, it makes me remember kinks, my parents' main coon who was, like, 20 when he finally died? he had diabetes, but he always got a treat after his injection. by the time he got to be his age, he didn't give a crap about the shot. he wanted the treat! =) he would tell US when it was time for medicine, because he was like, "hey, humans! it's treat time! do your thing with the thing, then gimme my treats!!!" lol i swear. it was hilarious.

smilnsigh said...

Good wishes to your husband, on the coming operation.

And to you, with the computer problems. -sigh-

masgblog said...

sorry that you over ate....but the food sounded marvy....

I miss my Calico. CoCo...we had to out her to sleep last June...

hope all goes well with your hubby....

Az said...

Dee: Stoopid computer is right! But I guess I shouldn't complain since it's over 5 years old and hasn't given me many problems until now. As for Thistle...I'd love to give her a treat after the shot but I can't because she's on a special diet right now. Instead I spend a few minutes hugging and petting her after injecting her with that nasty needle. She really looks forward to that part. lol

Smilnsigh: Thanks. I hope the operation isn't cancelled again. We both just want it over with.

Masgblog: The food was delish! Mom-in-law is a fantastic cook. Sorry to hear about your calico, CoCo. :( Animals really do become beloved members of the family. Their passing leaves a terrible ache in the heart.