Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not a skin rash

I'm a happy camper because I went to the doc and found out that my foot/ankle rash isn't life threatening. It's something called "Hemosiderin Staining" and it relates to varicose veins. I know I inherited various veins from my mom but hers where the thicker kind that left her legs swollen and painful. Mine are more of the spider variety that like to burst and leave discolored patches in their wake. Ugly yes, but I can live with ugly as opposed to some serious skin condition. So far the worst skin discoloration is only on the tops of my feet and on the inner ankles. According to the doc, walking and elevating the legs is the best way to keep various veins under control, so I'm going to have to get off my lazy ass more and get back into the exercising I used to do religiously 4 years ago.

YAY! I'm totally relieved. Now that the stress of worry is gone I can start focusing on the things I've been putting off. But first, we're off to see "Live Free or Die Hard." I'm up for some kick ass action that I know Bruce Willis can supply. :D

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iGoddess said...

rock ON!!! i'm SO relieved to hear that your feet don't have, like, flesh-eating mutant strains of cooties or something. =P varicose veins are treatable, mainly like your dr said! so get out, get MOVING, get healthy, and then put your feet up and pamper yourself!!

good excuses for pedicures with foot and leg massages!!! huzzah! lol

take care of yourself, hon. you deserve it. =)