Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My horoscope for today. (Virgo)

Ideas for creative, artistic or service-oriented work might be coming thick and fast, though you might be torn between different possibilities, dear Virgo. All your ideas may seem workable, yet you feel you should settle on only one for the moment. It might be a good idea to ask the advice of others. Even if you don't do exactly what they suggest, their advice might wake you up to new options. Hang in there!

So true! I have a bunch of creative things I'd like to do yet I can't seem to settle on one at the moment. Ho hum. I normally work best when I focus my attention on one thing at a time. I feel like such a scatterbrain right now. :p

Here's a cute site where you can check on your dog's horoscope. Dog Horoscopes


iGoddess said...

woot! dog horoscopes! my customers would LOVE this! =) well, some of them would, anyway...

but this horoscope is SO you right now, OMG. i could've sworn they were talking directly at you, and not at virgos in general. so...whatcha gonna do about it? surprisingly enough, my vote is not to resurrect the boards. my vote, actually, goes to YOU doing what YOU feel you need to right now. azzy needs to take care of azzy's creative needs. i know you love and miss the boards (don't we all???) but something tells me that the boards will only flourish all the brighter if we all stew a little more in our own flavorful, creative juices a bit longer.

especially you, you crazy ol' queen of RP!!! *hugs*

Az said...

I think you're right. I wanted to get another board set up, so I could have everything about variance in one place, and I'm having fun doing that. But I don't want to start up the stories just yet. Of course that might change at any moment. We creative creatures can be so fickle at times. lol

Anyhoo, as it stands, I still want to enjoy my mental laziness for perhaps the duration of the summer. I always seem more eager to write when I'm cooped up in the house all winter. :)