Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mish Mosh

Last night we watched, Bridge to Terabithia, and I felt pretty bummed out by the time it ended. I guess I was expecting more fantasy and a much happier story, not one that had me using up a box of Kleenex. *sigh* Maybe I should start reading some reviews of movies before I rent them so I'll have at least some idea of what to expect.

I really lucked out because I got to see the space station and shuttle gliding across the sky again last night. Usually I miss out on things like this due to uncooperative weather so this time I'm sending out a thanks to mother nature for ultra clear skies. Since there's always a balance to things, we're supposed to have thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow night.

I practiced drawing for about an hour yesterday. Not nearly enough considering I haven't touched my sketchpad in weeks, blaming it on eyestrain. I would have had my new glasses by now but they called to reschedule my appointment. Now I have to wait until July. Ugh. Maybe I'll just head into a Lens Crafters again even though I was a tad disappointed in their service the last time around.

Gods, it looks like an otherworldly war zone around here. When I venture out into the backyard and take my walks, I'm constantly stepping over mutilated bodies of cicadas. ICK! I've even had the privilege of watching birds snatch cicadas right out of the air, drag them to the ground, and then rip the shit out of them. *gag*

I finished reading, "Nightlife" by Rob Thurman and loved it. Going to tackle "Doppelganger," by Marie Brennan next, right after I peruse my flist, start on the laundry, and finish up a few other chores.

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iGoddess said...

i LOVED bridge to tarabithia!! although, like you, i was misled by the previews and was expecting tons more fantasy. i never read the book, but that's because the back cover hinted that someone dies at the end, and i'd rather just not read books like that, lol. but maybe i'll go back and read it now...

but i loved it. it was a beautiful movie, very well done, and actually i've been thinking about it lately, wanting to see it again. had me sniffling and surreptitiously wiping tears off my cheeks in the theatre, too. hehe

*hugs* glad you had fun watching the sky last night. stay safe in that thunderstorm! i hear they're wicked over there. and tell those bums that you need glasses, dammit! you got important sketching to be doing, woman! =P