Thursday, July 12, 2007

Computer headaches

Had a mess of computer problems yesterday that left me with a major headache. Don't you hate it when things suddenly start to go wrong with your pc and you have no friggin' idea why? Things started off with my getting the blue screen of death right in the middle of outlining a drawing in psp. Then I played a game of turn off, turn on pc. After the third try, windows finally loaded properly. That's when the fun started. *groan*

First, Internet explorer preformed an illegal operation and had to shut down. I wonder how many times IE has been arrested for such illegal operations? *snort* Next, yahoo messenger did the same, shutting down as I was about to say howdy to someone. Then McAfee pops up with a warning, telling me my computer isn't protected, and that I must hit the "fit" button to make things right again. Okay, so I do that, and it works for like all of 10 minutes...then I get the warning again followed by the fix it notice. Now, I'm starting to get really pissed, but the final straw came when the pc automatically shut down. Grrrr....

The thought of a virus nagged at me, but my highly analytical mind placed that possibility low on the scale of what might be wrong since I haven't visited any strange websites, gotten any weird emails, and very recently did a virus scan. I gnawed on a pencil while trying to think of anything new I'd done, and wham, it hit me. That morning I installed the newest windows upgrade after spotting the yellow notice icon in my system tray. Just to be on the safe side, I called Dell support and after explaining things to "Anita," we decided to try a system restore to before I installed the windows thing. Presto, that did the trick.

But get this...later, that upgrade installed "automatically" so I had to do another restore because the blue screen of death followed in it's wake. As soon as the pc got back to normal I rushed to my control panel and took off automatic upgrade, switching the choice to "notify me of upgrades but DO NOT install them." After all that, I sat down with a much needed apple martini.

Now that everything seems to be back to normal (or as normal as is gets with computers) I'm going to work on a photo for my husband's friend. Said friend would like a couple of people taken out of a scenic picture he took on his vacation to Europe. I'm not sure if I can do this, but I'll give it a try. Wish me luck.

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