Saturday, July 28, 2007

Drawing practice: Witch

More drawing practice using, "How to draw wizards, warriors, orcs, and elves" as a reference.


iGoddess said...

...okay, she freaking rocks. that's it. she just. freaking. rocks. *nod* there's so much i love about it.

i love the fire. i love her expression. i love her cowl, the way it folds around her shoulders, and i love the way her skirt sits across her thighs. it's perfect. i just love it. =)

Az said...

Thanks. :D But I can't take credit for the pose since it came from the "how to draw" book and I only used it for a reference to see if I could draw it. Someday I hope I can draw things like this from my imagination though. That would be SOOOO friggin' cool!