Monday, July 30, 2007

The days fly by

Let's see...what have I been up to for the past few days? Well, we played so much tennis on Wii that my right arm hurts like hell. The tricep to be exact. What a workout! I think I'm going to try playing with my left hand for a while to balance out the muscle development. :p All kidding aside, the Wii game system really does provide some decent exercise. I'm glad we bought it.

My hubby got a new cellphone with gobs of bells and whistles on it so I swiped his old PDA since he really doesn't need it anymore. I'm going to mess with it in a bit. I need to install the software and see if I can get it to sync with my computer. I mainly want to use it for ebooks and to read (and type up) word documents. I walk a lot so it'll be cool to have the pda with me when I stop at the park or the local restaurant. It's a lot lighter than the notebook and the book I'm currently reading that I always carry with me.

On Saturday we went to a neighborhood festival and pigged out on cotton candy, nachos and cheese, and a few other things we don't usually indulge in. We walked about the place for a couple of hours, checked out the petting zoo they had set up, and played several games. Skee-ball is still my all time favorite!

My DSL was out for about 5 hours yesterday. I'm sure everyone knows that talking to customer service is a trip and a half so I won't go into detail about how aggravating that turned out to be. I ended up hoarse after having to explain the problem to 5 different technical people but at least they finally got the damned thing fixed.

At some point over the weekend we watched, "Shooter," with Mark Wahlberg. I thought it was great, but then again, I'm a big action freak so it figures I'd love a movie like this. We also watched more of "The 4400." I've been renting the series from Netflix. One more disc to go and we'll be finished with season 3. I hope we'll be able to catch season 4 in reruns.

Along with the above we watched episodes of the following animes (subs) while munching on pizza... Bleach #135, Naruto Shippuuden #21, Claymore #17, Shijou-Saikyou #39, and Prince of Tennis National Championship #12. The final episode of Yamato Nadeshiko had us laughing out loud.

Well, now I'm off to get some work done. Hopefully, I will be able to get a bit of drawing practice in later.

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