Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I've decided I need to work on a new web page before I forget more of what I've learned about html and css. So, I'm now slowly putting together a page that will list the books I've read since getting into the fantasy genre some 25 years ago. I started the page with a simple html format but plan to convert it to css once I finish typing in the authors and book titles. This will definitely keep me busy for a while because I know I'll have to constantly refer to my notes and a couple of css books I bought a few years back.

I haven't started working with Daz Studio yet. The program intimidates the hell outta me. Maybe it's something I'll save for the winter months when I find myself sitting in front of the computer more often. Summer is flying by and I want to take advantage of what's left of it. I even pulled out my bike this morning and took a long ride. Go me!

Speaking of exercise...I'm really impressed with Wii because it kept me on my feet and moving around for an hour and a half yesterday while I made my way through the games in "Wii Play." Later today, I'm going to tackle some of the games in "Wii Sports." It'd be cool to drop a couple of pounds thanks to a game system!

Now I'm off to pay the bills and do some housework. Ugh.

Oh, I finally saw the last 2 episodes of Death Note. Intense! Of course I can't compare it to the manga since I didn't read it.

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