Monday, March 10, 2008

Cats and blankets

My cats love the spare bedroom. And they love it even more when I toss extra blankets on the bed. :D

Sneak playing peek a boo

Sneak and Thistle enjoying a lazy Sunday


iGoddess said...


there's just something about pics of kitties on blogs, i swear. yay, kitties!

and hey, at least one of us had a lazy sunday! lol that's one of the busiest days of my week. oi...

PJ said...

I love the way cats hide!!! My little Miss Kitty is long gone. Sigh!

Kota Bear said...

Awwww! Beautiful felines, Azzy!

masgblog said...

I can relate totally. My little guy has a favourite towel that he sleeps on. He also loves when we make tents using blankets and pillows. Then he can hide.

Thx for visiting me. I added you to my list so that I won't lose you.