Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cold and bored with winter

I guess winter has me down because I'm feeling blah and bored. Inspiration is seriously lacking right now. I pushed my drawing books, pencils, and paper off to the side and grabbed hold of an old, "teach yourself css" book instead. Think I'll work with that for a while. The change of pace might do me good since I have a bad habit of sticking to one thing for far too long and then a kind of numbness sets it. I don't need any more numbness, thank you very much. This lousy weather is doing a good enough job of it.

We watched "Eastern Promises," and "Across the Universe," this weekend and really enjoyed both movies. I cancelled my Netflix subscription about 7 months ago but recently decided to start it up again. In the long run it's cheaper than renting from Comcast or the neighborhood Blockbuster. Plus I've found that Netflix has a much bigger selection than Blockbuster, especially when it comes to anime.

American Idol is on tonight. I don't have a favorite yet although David Archuleta shot to the top of the list after his wonderful performance of "Imagine." I like Jason Castro too but would like to see him concentrate on vocals only. He needs to stash the guitar for a while. IMO, the guys are doing a lot better than the girls this season.

The premium of New Amsterdam airs right after Idol. It's another series about an immortal. The scenes they've been showing look good. I plan on watching tonight.

My jaw dropped this morning when the radio dude said we turn our clocks ahead one hour this weekend because I totally forgot about that. Well, I didn't actually forget about it, I just didn't realize that the time to spring the clocks ahead was upon us already.

49 days without a cigarette. Whoot. Go me. *brrrr* I'm freezing. Stupid cold weather!!


smilnsigh said...

Who am I anyway, you're probably asking. If you came on my comments on some of your older entries. ,-) I saw a comment by you, in another blog, and was taken by your Icon. ,-) And came over here.

Scrolled down and read other entries and commented. Now I'm back to the first one I saw. {We won't even mention how that sounds kind of ass-backwards, now will we? -grin-}

Anyway, I'm getting very sick of snow and ice too. With an Ice Storm coming at us, as I type. :-(

We want to watch 'New Amsterdam' tonight too. If we don't lose power. Yish... We {husband and I} loved the long running 'Highlander, the Series.' So we figure we'll take a look at this one. For the fun of it.

Not the same, from what I read. This one was 'given' Immortality. Whereas those Immies were "born" that way.

If you never watched 'Highlander, the Series,' you don't know what I'm talking about, though. :-) But if you did watch and you do know, let me tell you that METHOS was my favorite!!!

So that's my story. I bounced over here, from another blog, and that's how come I'm rattling on in your blog.

And how could I close, without saying very hearty Congratulations on being 49 days and counting, without a cigarette. Good for you!!!!!!


Az said...

It's nice to meet you. I'm very glad you stopped by. I'll be checking out your blogs tomorrow when I have more time. :) We didn't watch the Highlander series but we did see a couple of the movies. Gosh, I hope you don't get hit with that ice storm. I'm really fed up with this silly weather.

Changes in the wind said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:)

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Nice to meet you! Cold, winter? Ya, me too. That's why when hubby retired we moved from the snowy climes of Colorado to subtropical Texas. Warm, warm, warm.

I just dropped by after I checked with Bloggers Over 50 blog roll home page and saw that you wanted to be added.

Which I will do as soon as I click 'publish comment'.

Glad you hopped aboard, and hope to see you come by and visit with me sometime soon.

[you may need to refresh your blog to see your link has been added!]

Az said...

Thanks for adding me. I look forward to checking out everyone on the over 50 blog roll. :D