Monday, August 20, 2007


I picked up 3 books with the 25 dollar gift certificate I had from Amazon. They all have to do with creativity.


I'm anxious to start on, "Wreck This Journal," by Keri Smith. With entries like, 'Eat some colorful candy then lick this page,' I have high hopes that it will help me set my perfectionist nature aside and simply have fun. I have too many neat journals lying around. It's time to cut loose and let my creative side shine!

For some interesting ideas, take a look at Keri Smith's Blog


iGoddess said...

this is your adorable muse giving you a loving poke in the third eye.

*poke!* (hee!)

are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
huh? huh? c'mon...
when we gonna write, huh?
we gonna write soon?
so, when we gonna wriiiiite????


(just kidding...)


Az said...

*pets adorable, wise muse* The urge to start up our adventures again has been growing. I think I'll be ready by the time you get settled into your new digs with *m* How's that sound?

I'm not happy with that stupid yuku board because I found out the posts get messed up when you copy and paste them in from word. That sucks big time since I do all my posts in word! So... I'm going to start playing around with that Active board instead to see if that one's any better. :) If not, I'll look for something else.

iGoddess said...

oooh, bad, bad yuku board not cooperating with the copy-pasting from Word!! that's some baaaad juju...

*scratches head* so...why did we leave ezboard again?

Az said...

Because for some reason Ezboard will close down at some point and turn into Yuku. Ugh. Sometimes new and improved means absolute crap! With Yuku, they're trying to be more like myspace. I wish they would have left well enough alone.