Monday, September 24, 2007

Over thinking things again...

Last week I tossed up a few character profiles on my new collaborative writing board. (or play by post board as some would call it) I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't seem to get into the writing yet. Maybe I'm still recuperating from the fast yaoi rpg I was in for over a year that had me glued to my computer every damn day for hours on end. The way it ended left a bad taste in my mouth too so maybe it's going to take more time for me to get over that.

Before that yaoi rpg I was heavily involved in collaborative writing for 7 years. I watched a lot of people come and go and wrote with just about all of them. A few left me teary eyed when they had to stop writing with me due to real life busyness. There were also times when silly arguments would develop between the writers that left me feeling upset for days. I guess that's bound to happen when you put a bunch of creative people together. I hated those times because as the creator of the forums I had to hear it from all sides and then somehow try to smooth things out. One of my biggest mistakes was letting one or two people influence me and that might have led me to unconsciously push away others. To this day I regret some of my actions. Hopefully, I've learned from the past and will not make the same mistakes again. Thoughts like this floating around in the back of my mind might be making me a tad reluctant to hope that things will turn out better this time around and therefore my exuberance is somewhat lacking at the moment. could be the weather. It's still too nice to be cooped up inside. The time that I should spend on writing is now spent puttering around in my yard, playing with my dogs and cats, or walking around the neighborhood letting my mind wander. All is not lost though because I DID feel the old spark when I finally got around to adding a couple of reply posts to my board. I keep hoping that spark will soon ignite into a roaring flame, bringing back my old desire to write up a storm and think up all kinds of interesting plots. I also hope that the new writers on the forum will be patient with me while I try to get my groove back. :D


Anonymous said...

Azzy, Baby! Take your time! It takes everyone a little time to get into the swing of writing like this. I mean, I have yet to get my best vibes flowing. We'll all get there in time. :)

I'm lovin' what you've given us so far!

Az said...

Aww, thanks. :D I'm sure I'll get back into it, especially when winter rolls around and I have to sit in the house more. lol

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I see it now. Nice big blanket, hot cup of tea or cocoa, some soft music in the background and writing Emanuel in between raids in World of Warcraft. It's perfect!

Winter is my inspiring time anyway. I'm just awake and bright and rearing to go more during winter, so my brain is usually going 90 miles an hour whether I'm with it or not.

I think you're right. Winter will give the whole forum a nice pick-me-up, I'm sure.